The Entrepreneur in Culture


There has been a great upsurge in the idea of the entrepreneur in recent times. Perhaps this new wave is a response to the need we feel for a new kind of personhood. The popular celebration of the entrepreneur is an early example of the yearning for new ways of being  that we all feel in our modern digital society. I suspect there will be other types that evolve in suit.  

In Indian culture, there is room for holy people in the way that the society is organised. In other Eastern countries, it is common for monks to go out with begging bowls in order to be fed. These societies have a “place” for a different kind of person, striving for extraordinary goals in service of the community as a whole. In Western experience, we mostly have room for workers and leaders. The path of the entrepreneur signals the birth of new types of people. Just as language is evolving all the time, so are our relationships to the archetypes we inhabit individually and collectively. 

A big part of the transition involves navigating  the ship into waters of  new identity and community. The ways in which we can feel significant will expand as we weave a new tapestry of society. A big part of this will be finding new language to describe what we are becoming. Humans famously get stuck in boxes of terminology, so in a very significant way, the creation of new words to describe our world and ourselves within it will be critical to allow for the fullness of elegant creativity to emerge.