I have recognised for a long time that there is something very deep in me seeking expression through music. I have travelled through many countries and have met many inspiring people who have supported my learning and expansion as a human and a creative being. Going through the shift from analog to digital life, I am aware that I had a deep distrust of the practice of sharing myself and promoting myself as a creator. This had largely to do with the fact that in sorting out my own inner world, I was carrying with me many ideas that got in the way of sharing what I am. I also deeply sensed that somehow focusing on self-aggrandisement would pose a threat to my creative work, as it is so easy to regard the works and successes of others and then fall into the illusionary logic that their methods and aesthetics should be copied. 

          I very much believe in the spirit of music that came out of the song-writers of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. For many years, I found that it was beyond my capacity to serve my journey of becoming an authentic songwriter while at the same time endeavouring to promote myself. The vocabularies of social media and good business sense were anathema to my basic instincts. In fact, as is all too common, I had no business sense. My very sensitive nature found that it was almost impossible to reconcile the mechanism of distribution with the spiritual impulse towards creation.

          I am proud of the life I have lived, though naturally not proud of some of the mistakes I have made along the way. My delicate relationship to work got between me and people I loved. In fact, my creative journey appears to have fed into a lot of my own fears and served to reinforce them. I have avoided much of myself out of fear that I was simply not cut out for a life in public. 

          I am now aware that it is my duty to share what I am. I have been gifted a way of being and seeing things that keeps calling through me. It is not about self-aggrandisement, but rather the service of a creative principle operating through me. As such, I will endeavour to find deeper levels of my self-confidence that I might make the contribution to the world that I am meant to make. I am deeply grateful to all the people, artists, writers, musicians and teachers that have guided me along the way, and whom continue to guide me. My intention moving forward to to share what I am in the language that I know how to speak, dovetailed with the understanding that I will learn the nuances and true potency of this tongue as I continue to live and grow. I offer this statement as both an explanation to and of myself, as well as to anyone that might find it illuminating.


Many blessings,